Google+ Platform Roadmap: They Have one of Those?

I wouldn't expect Google to stand by on this one. It seems Google+ is the focus for all things to come plus the business apps. I'm almost overly concerned of what the future holds given the recent notifications for TOS and Privacy policy updates.

All I care about is keeping things private that I choose and huge photo sharing improvements along the way. It would be nice to put photos in-line within a post to make it relevant. It would be great to keep photos shared via post with a link to the original post on the photo page. Wait, that sounds like a blog…

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TechCrunch | The Google+ Platform Roadmap From Director Of Engineering David Glazer
It won't stop with Google Search Plus Your World. When asked if we should expect more integrations of Google+ into Google products, G+ director of engineering David Glazer said at today's Inside Socia…

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7 thoughts on “Google+ Platform Roadmap: They Have one of Those?

  1. All of my techie friends, it seems, LOVE g+ and talk constantly about how it’s SO much ‘better’ than Facebook. All of my non-techie friends, it seems, readily agree they hate Facebook, but use it because everyone they talk to uses it and don’t much want to play with Google’s new toy. I am far from convinced that Plus will be an exception to Google’s history of badly bungling social platforms.

    • @AlanJobe I hear the same thing about Facebook vs Google+. The tech savvy love it, the average “Joe/Jane” prefer Facebook or settle for Facebook. Google has failed at a few attempts for social networking, however, I think they may have their marbles lined up with Google+. As always, it needs some improvements and tweaks. For photographers, that starts with image sharing. For networkers, that starts with having a blog feel and being able to share content outside G+ without a bunch of hoops or third-party apps. I hope they get it right!

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