Pinterest Quietly Monetizing Your Content?

According to Josh Davis on LLsocial, Pinterest is adding their own affiliate links to your content and earns money if someone clicks through with a buy. The question is: how many of you actually share business content, photos or anything that would result in a sale? Have you been tracking incoming links to your blog or website from things shared on Pinterest? In my opinion and limited experience, the click through rate is minimal.

Users on Pinterest are pinning things they like from sites they were already visiting or re-pinning things from friends. If there is content provided that could earn the original pinner money, its soooo wrong for Pinterest to switch out the link with their own affiliate link to earn money. Why wouldn't they disclose this with users?

As always, as long as you don't own the server, the software, manage the services, maintain a site/blog on those servers, then it will always be a question of free services using content from its users to make money or market their own brand. cough…Facebook…cough

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Pinterest is quietly generating revenue by modifying user submitted pins. | LL Social
Breaking news that Pinterest is changing user submitted pins to make money. Are they now one of the biggest affiliates on the Internet?

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5 thoughts on “Pinterest Quietly Monetizing Your Content?

  1. News today on +The Next Web about Pinterest spamming friends with fake email connection requests. Last weekend I found out there was an Android Marketplace app that is bogus and adding spam apps on the phone. Yet, I have seen nothing in response from Pinterest. SMH…

    • @AmyVernon @MediaLabRat @TheNextWeb @pinterest Yes, it is. The fine print. We should learn to read the fine print before going ballistic.

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