Face It Flickr, You Are Sinking

Flickr is a great social photo site that kept us all busy before the growth of Facebook and now Google+. Whenever an app is created that allows users to take back their own photos its usually short lived and blasted by Flickr. Why? These are our photos. The fact a competitor came up with the latest app to rescue your photos is a bit hilarious but has a solid point: Flickr is not where most want to be to share their work.

I have changed to a non-pro account and now use Flickr mostly for mobile or social media photography. The limits of 300mb uploads are fine for now. If anything, I can use my Zenfolio site, my blog, or G+.

How are you using Flickr these days and do you want an app that lets you download copies of your photos if you choose to do so?

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250,000 Photos Flee Flickr on Flickraft Before Plug is Pulled
Cloud-based photo hosting service Snapjoy launched a clever web app (and marketing ploy) yesterday called Flickraft that made it easy for Flickr users to rescue their photos “from a sinking ship&…

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8 thoughts on “Face It Flickr, You Are Sinking

  1. I am in no hurry to flee flickr. Granted I have no good idea why the made the corportate moves that they did. I've only seen one side of the argument. I do know that nothing lasts forever but I won't be joining the rats if the ship isn't really sinking.

  2. On the business moves, I don't know the full story either +Dawn Ellen Miller and realize its probably downsizing like any other company in these economic times. I agree, only seeing one side of the argument there. I haven't jumped ship from Flickr either, there is still an audience there and I'm JUST NOW figuring out how to use it ;)+Ben Timmins Nice! I did look at the cost of storage with G+ if I wanted more room and higher resolution images added on my account. Not bad for 40 gigs; in reference to Flickr, you get unlimited for only $25 😉

  3. Thanks, Nakeva — this is good information. I've been frustrated with Flickr for a long time, but mostly with the lack of engagement. I never got heavily into the groups and my comments just became nonexistent. Since I've gotten more serious with photography I've been rather at a loss regarding what to do with my pictures. I will look into your recommendations here, and I'm also working on a new business website that will have a portfolio feature. Still sad about Flickr, though. For such a highly trafficked community, Yahoo really has just left it out to dry.

  4. +Nicholas Pappagallo Jr I still see use for Flickr, just not my first thought when I want to share photos. I have recently started using it more with an app that will post to Facebook and Twitter for me based on a tag. Also getting into the groups can add some activity, but we have become a click and view nation. Like +Laurie White said, comments become nonexistent which is why I look at views.And Laurie, glad to share something that gives you ideas of what you want to do with your photography. A website that is not Flash heavy and Google+ should do the trick. The key I have learned is being consistent and organized. I test so many applications that things can look a mess and take away from the spirit of the photos 😉

  5. I still think there is value in Flickr but I am not sure if the paid option is worth it. comments and views of work there is non-existent granted I do not publicize what I post. I have had a few photos used and credited which I appreciate. I am not yet convinced to give G+ my work since my time is limited. Thanks for sharing about Flickraft not sure I will use it but it is good to know there are options to save my work from Flickr.

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