Sunset v.1, Sunday 26.Feb.12 #Droidography


2 thoughts on “Sunset v.1, Sunday 26.Feb.12 #Droidography

  1. The original image was shot in Camera ZOOM FX camera and I used the warming effect, then adjusted contrast and saturation the way I like it. I uploaded it to EyeEm and used the Wintage filter which sets it to the green tones and scratches for texture.

    I have started doing a few tests of minimal edit then use the filters or effects within the social sharing apps to touch up the final edit. So, if I upload to EyeEm, I use an EyeEm filter that gives the image one look. If I upload to Lightbox, I use one of the Lightbox filters to give the final touch and it looks different in case you also connect with me on EyeEm. The base image and manual edit I usually put on Flickr or Tumblr.

    Sometimes its too much work but it works for me since I have a workflow to do it 😉

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