Hosted Blog Days

The immediate thought when I realized all my hosted blogs were receiving notification that malware was detected was, “What do I do? I don’t control these servers and I can’t run anti-virus software to scan and remove the malware code. I don’t even know WHERE it is located.” I contacted my hosting site and was told they don’t run antivirus scans on their own servers. Really? Seriously? Right, ok.

I tried to do a few things to correct the problem and see if it was in the database vs files added to the WordPress installation. Everything I tried, removed, deleted, still did not correct the malware problem. My own laptop software continued to tell me I needed to clean a malware problem just for loging into my hosted WordPress site or going to the blog. I neither installed any malware nor did I create any backdoor directory to host malware. I have been on the hacking side…to learn how things work…in a controlled environment…nothing to ever cause havoc on any real system. Why would I do it on my own site where I want people to visit and just read things I write? NOT!

Well, the web host can’t assist me with fixing my problem and they don’t even protect their own servers where my site is hosted to bother running a malware/antivirus program to see if there is a problem. So, as of early morning today, March 1, I copied just the posts from my hosted site and added them here. I have never heard of going down or having these issues. Hell, I see there is a site that has been gaining clients like Wall Street Journal, and other clients to host on the platform…of course at monthly rates well beyond what I could pay. However, what it says to me is this: if I am willing to just focus on writing and sharing content, forego any use of customization like plugins (which probably is the root of the evil on my hosted site right now), I should be good to go.

I have thought about going free platform for a while, but now I am in a position to decide immediately. I looked at Posterous: no backup of your blog at all, no way to manually edit tags on a global level, not good. I looked at Tumblr: very open to social sharing, easy to use on mobile and implements well with other apps, social sharing but I don’t like the short URL or how it posts content, no backup tool unless you use a Mac, for me not good. So, I’m here on and hoping to just focus on content, sharing, curating, cross-post when relative and basically running my business as cost effective as possible.

Who really reads my stuff anyway? Its not like I’m trying to impress the world, just share my thoughts whether you read it or not. At the cost of monthly fees for hosting, domain names, theme customization…where am I really winning? Not in money LOL! I need to focus on business! hopefully I can resolve the problems on my hosted site and not lose any ranking for the posts that have already been indexed. But, its not the end of the world to start over. What would you do?

Now to clean up the duplicates, tags, categories and content in hopes it doesn’t look to Google like I’m trying to swamp the web with all things “Nakeva.”


What are your thoughts?

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