Instagram Advice For Android Users |

Good advice for Droidographers and mobile photographers on any social photo site. Are you ready to post your best creative Droidography work on Instagram? I’m interested to see the filters and social capabilities, however, while Instagram took their sweet time sharing with the other half of the mobile photography space, Lightbox and Streamzoo have been great sites with open social interaction.

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Image credit: @alijardine


2 thoughts on “Instagram Advice For Android Users |

  1. I have been using it since it went online for Android, and I really like it. It is simple to use, the effects are ok, but I think its more about the sharing of images and the interactions it creates than the filters. I still use my fav android apps and use instagram to post them.
    Its all good 🙂

    • I started using it and think it works well for certain types of workflow or just pure sharing. At least we now have access to share images like other apps. Streamzoo is still my favorite for sharing full images.

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