Facebook Spends Pocket Change to Buy Instagram

In Love with red brick

No big deal. Facebook had $1 Billion stashed away to buy Instagram. The popular social photo sharing app just recently opened doors to the Android world last week! There is already integration between Instagram and the Facebook Timeline to upload images to your profile. As with most apps these days there is certainly no shortage of third-party applications to feed the need of viewing and managing Instagram photos and connections.

Mark Zuckerberg stated in the post on his Facebook profile announcement of the acquisition that Instagram would remain “as-is” and both Facebook and Instagram team would work together to build on the ideas in the social photo realm. This remains to be seen and in due time the only thing that “should” happen is improvements to the features offered to iPhone and Android users, specifically with Facebook integration.

Not sure you want to stick with Instagram? No problem, check out these mobile photo apps:

Streamzoo (iPhone, Andorid, web)

EyeEm (iphone, Android, web)

Lightbox (Android, web)


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