Finally Aviary Releases A Standalone Mobile App | MobilePhotography

Aviary has been around for a while with online editing tools for while including photo editing and music editing or creation. The Android app has been available as plugin, such as the background tools for PicPlz or as a “standalone plugin” which was only usable through the share menu.

Today Aviary released its own app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7! Yes, its own app! On first look you get a cool way to view your gallery (needs some consideration to scroll a camera roll one by one with a swipe), options to customize how the editing tool bar is setup (move contrast, brightness, crop and effects to the front of the list for example), a small set of original effects (the downside is not being able to choose if the effect uses a border or not; Instagram is better at this) and three other sets of effects you have to pay $0.99 to add. The best part is being able to save your images in a high resolution with a maximum of 12 megapixels!

If you are looking for a simple image editor with light image adjustment controls, Aviary is a great option. Seasoned mobile photographers may not find the app as a creativity booster, however, its a tool to have in teh wings when you want full resolution and simple process flow. Happy Editing! -Nakeva


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