She Means Business: New Documentary Series On Women Entrepreneurs

Jacqueline Baptist was amazed at how rarely the media tells stories of women entrepreneurs. As a result, she has decided to take matters into her own hands and.

A great resource to tell stories of women owned businesses and what they do to achieve success or manage failures. You read stories about women entrepreneurs from various columns, blogs or magazine sections. However, getting the real story and talking to real women could be a better resource when there is no other way to connect or network in person. – Nakeva

More on She Means Business:

“The documentary will explore the key issues women entrepreneurs face such as similarities/differences in female-led versus male-led companies; women’s access to capital and entrepreneur training/business skills; and successes and strategies of woman-led businesses.

She Means Business will share true, honest portrayals of human experience, focusing on four to six early-stage and/or transitioning woman-owned businesses, following their successes, failures, struggles, concerns, disasters, and miracles.” – Stacie Woods, Small Business Trends

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See on – WomenEntrepreneurs


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