Task Rabbit Founder Leah Busque, Women + Tech Rocks!

Women know all too well how to multitask and find resources to accomplish goals. running a family, a Fortune 500 company or a small business ladies get it done! Sometimes having a resource to help accomplish the little things in life or major jobs cna be an invaluable tool to keep the flow moving. Leah Busque founded Task Rabbit, a service that connects people with tasks to people that can complete those tasks. Awesome! – Nakeva

“Leah Busque is founder of taskrabbit.com, a business focused on providing any and all services at a moment’s notice. From IKEA furniture assembly to walking your dog, the “rabbits” do it all. Leah conceived of the idea after running into a sticky situation when she and her husband were rushing to leave and had no food for their yellow lab Kobe. “What if someone could pick up the food for us and feed him while we’re heading out for the evening?”” – Bethany Hartley, Womens Business Development Center

See on wbdcchicago.wordpress.com

See on Scoop.it – WomenEntrepreneurs


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